Black Forest Primary School

About Us

School pride is a noticeable feature of the Black Forest Primary School. By working in partnership with the community the school creates successful opportunities for students. The values of respect, collaboration, endeavour, responsibility and creativity are interwoven into our learning environment. There is a strong focus on equipping our students with high level literacy and numeracy skills through development of a quality practice responsive to current and future needs. A well-designed R to 7 curriculum has been developed and student well-being programs promote active participation, healthy lifestyles and leadership. The motto, 'Growing towards the Future', signifies the school's commitment to a wide variety of programs: advanced technology learning, environmental education that utilises the school garden and community connections, visual arts and diverse extracurricular sport choices. The spacious and attractive grounds include native trees of significance and aged olive trees that still produce fruit. The school garden is highly valued by its community and visitors and the school council actively promotes wider community participation.