Black Forest Primary School

Students with Additional Needs

Students with Disabilities

Students eligible under the DECD Students with Disabilities Policy access the curriculum via a Negotiated Education Plan (NEP) and are entitled to additional support.

DECD Service providers

DECD Service Providers Speech Pathologist, Psychologist, Disabilities Consultant and Interagency Support Personnel service our school and support teachers with students who require a referral.

Students with Additional Needs

Students with Additional Needs have an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) and are able to access some additional support through the Learning Difficulties Grant.

Learning Assistance Program (LAP)

The Learning Assistance Program is a program where volunteer parents, students, grandparents or community members help individual students with learning needs on a one to one basis. LAP is defined as: ‘A special program for students who would benefit from individual time with a caring volunteer’. Special emphasis is placed on developing close, positive relationships between the student and the volunteer to assist in building self esteem and confidence.

Co-ordination Program

All children in Reception are screened in their first year at school to determine involvement in The Early Brids Co-ordination program. This program is run by School Services Officers and children work in small groups to develop gross motor skills.


Quicksmart is an intervention program that was developed with the National Centre for Science, Information and Communication Technology and Mathematics Education for Rural and Regional Australia (SiMERR National Centre) at the University of New England. This program at our school is aimed at students in Year 4-7 who do not meet benchmark in their PAT- Maths assessment. The aim of Quicksmart is to improve speed, accuracy and understanding of basic Mathematics in order to facilitate students’ active engagement and participation in class mathematical learning.