Black Forest Primary School


The i-centre is presently in a process of transformation. Over the last decade we have seen a change from the Library which was a store of books to the Resources Centre a store where not only books were held but other resources including digital resources were available. Now we have the i-Centre where we support the General Capabilities of Information and Communication Technology and Critical and Creative Thinking. The learning environment has been transformed to provide flexible spaces where individuals, partners, groups and whole classes have the opportunity to collaborate in their learning. Included in this learning space is a ‘make-do’ area when students are able to design, make and create. This area is continuing to develop through inspiration and creativity.

To challenge and promote deeper learning students have the opportunity to participate in inquiry units of work that complement the classroom program.

The i-Centre is open from 8.30- 8.50 in the morning and 3.15 – 3.30 in the afternoon for parents and students to visit. Students are able to visit throughout the day for class visits, group work or individual borrowing. The i-Centre is open at lunch time for students.

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