Black Forest Primary School

Italian - LOTE

The Australian Curriculum - Languages is designed and suited for second language learners in Australia. Students from reception to year seven are invited to experience the Italian culture and language for communicative purposes, to interpret, create and exchange meaning.

Our Learning Space for Italian enables all students to build on their team skills, create digital bilingual stories, obtain information ,share ideas, inform, with the use of ICT.

The Learning environment is continually evolving. Colours of nature, emphasis on creativity reflect the students’ ideas - creating spaces for connections that support wellbeing.

We encourage an interactive environment and integrating Language across the curriculum affords students many occasions to develop a better understanding of Italian and personal attributes such as collaboration and independence are fostered.

Communicating, Creating, Informing, Systems of Language, Translating and Reflecting are descriptions for the learning of a second language.

Throughout the year and for all year levels The Australian Curriculum - Languages will continue to provide a foundation in Italian for students at the school.

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