Black Forest Primary School

Technology and Digital Citizenship

At Black Forest, we acknowledge that technology has transformed education and work to incorporate digital technologies into classroom life in meaningful and effective ways. While the school offers access to a range of devices from Reception to Year 7, students from Year 4 onwards are encouraged to purchase a Chromebook to ensure ready access to technology when required throughout the school day. We adopt a Digital Citizenship approach, supporting students to not only act responsibly when using digital technologies, but also to model creative and engaged technology use. Our Tech Cadets program offers a student leadership opportunity for Year 4-7 students, adopting leadership in learning using technologies, maintaining school devices and working collaboratively on their own programming-based projects.

Black Forest’s Digital Citizenship Agreement

1:1 Chromebook Program

At Black Forest Primary School, we use digital technologies to catalyse transformative ways of teaching and learning. This is based on the understanding that technological development has transformed education. Since 2014, the families of Black Forest Primary School students from Years 3-7 to have had the option to purchase Chromebooks to support their child’s learning. Chromebooks use a range of education-focused applications to support classroom learning. Purchase of Chromebooks is optional, and students who do not own their own devices are given access to school-owned devices as required.

For more information on the Chromebook program and device usage, please refer to the Chromebook User Handbook below.

Chromebook User Handbook

IPau Online Purchase Portal

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